September 9, 2006

Cricklewood 2003 Pinot Noir

Last night, Elizabeth Bear was over for dinner. We had Chicken with Tomato and Feta Sauce, which once again proved successful. I've yet to have anyone decide they didn't like that one. Even my father, who isn't fond of "skeezy cheeses that I can't describe."

Bear brought along a bottle of Cricklewood 2003 Winemaker's Reserve Pinot Noir. It's hard to go wrong with a wine from the Willamette Valley, and this one was apparently also reasonably priced (ranges around the web seem to be from $12-$16). It has a darker, fuller and more earthy taste to it than some other pinots I've had. I suspect it goes better with a meal than as a sipping wine on its own.

The Cricklewood varietals are produced by Montinore Vineyards from its estate vineyards in the Northern Willamette Valley of Oregon.

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I'm going to be singing that all day now. :)

Posted by: Catie at September 9, 2006 10:35 AM
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