February 25, 2006

Boston: Tapeo

Located at 266 Newbury street, Tapeo lays claim to being the only authentic Spanish restaurant in Boston. It's a busy place on the weekends, and they don't take reservations. I attempted to go there once before (when I was in town for a conference last summer) and the wait was well over an hour. This time I was determined to be more stubborn, and luckily for my starving dinner companion, they quoted only 25 minutes.

It seemed like a no-brainer to order from the tapas menu and get a wide sampling, so here's what we tried out...

Setas y Caracoles (Snail in Herbed Mushroom Nest)
Albondigas de Salmon (Salmon Balls w/Caper Sauce)
Codorniz de Castilla (Broiled Herb and Garlic Quail stuffed with Bacon)
Conejo Escabechado (Braised Rabbit w/ Red Wine, Juniper & Garlic)
Queso de Cabra Montanes (Baked Goat Cheese w/Tomato & Basil)

The goat cheese came out first and was a perfect start with the roasted taste of the tomatoes complimenting the tangy flavor. Not far behind were the salmon balls and the snails (which are a special of the month). We disagreed over which of those was the best (I liked the snails more), but they were both very good. However, the rabbit and quail put the rest of them to shame. The rabbit had a delicate hint of spices, and was so tender it just fell apart on the plate, and the quail was quite possibly one of the best things I had tasted in weeks. The servings were reasonable and the five samples we ordered definitely filled us up, which was too bad because I had been tempted by the Lomito al Cabrales (Pork Tenderloin w/Blue Goat Cheese & Mushrooms).

We only passed up dessert because we had leftover baklava from Cafe Jaffa waiting for us. I whole-heartedly recommend the place. Unless you can't stand a high level of din. I might nominate it for most noisy restaurant I've ever eaten in, and we were protected by the back corner wall. It's worth it, though. The food just can't be beat. I sure hope I get the opportunity to go there again.

Posted by Jennifer at February 25, 2006 10:11 PM | TrackBack

The food was all just great, though I'd agree that the Conejo Escabechado was probably the best of the five tapas we tried (with the quail coming in a close second). Oh, and think I preferred the Albondigas de Salmon over the Setas y Caracoles because of the delicious caper sauce. Yum.

I'm glad you talked me into waiting for a table, and I'd definitely be up for another trip to Tapeo!

Posted by: Michael at February 27, 2006 7:42 PM

Found your blog via Making Light and being bored over lunchtime.

We went to a wedding celebration during Boskone to Tapeo and it was divine! We have a tapas place here in Kansas City that is pretty good, but Tapeo was a cut above that. The couple had ordered a fixed set of a group of cold and a group of hot tapas, plus a cake they'd had baked elsewhere. I wish I could teleport. Dammit. We went mid-afternoon on a Sunday so we were just about the only people in the restaurant.

Good reading, I'll be back!

Posted by: Paula Helm Murray at March 1, 2006 1:46 PM
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