September 25, 2003

Toronto: Tantra

At 634 Church Street, not even an entire block from the hotel, is a small Italian restaurant. The patio outside looks just like half a dozen other patios nearby, and gives away none of the interior atmosphere, which has quite an individual flavor. As does the food. Unable to decide, we started off with two appetizers: a bruschetta with goat cheese (note: Jenn has a secret weakness for goat cheese apparently -- oops, not so secret) and a plate of tender escargot. Marvelous. Risotto with wild mushrooms for me, and gnocchi for Michael went nicely with a half litre of the house red wine. We rounded out the meal with a slice of excruciatingly good chocolate mousse cake (taunted into it by the snappy waiter). This is our second time visiting this restaurant and it looks like it's becoming tradition.

Posted by Jennifer at September 25, 2003 10:05 AM

The amazing part may be how many times we'd walked by this place in previous years, but never given it a try, probably because of that fairly generic exterior. It isn't the most authentic or adventurous Italian restaurant in the world, but what they do make, they make well.

Posted by: Michael at September 27, 2003 10:42 AM
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