May 3, 2009

Glastonbury: Max Fish

Located at 110 Glastonbury Boulevard, Max Fish is part of the Max Restaurant Group centered around Hartford, CT. Seating is available in both the retro-chic dining room and at the casual U-shaped Shark Bar.

Opened the meal with their tuna wonton tacos, which were amazing and delicious. They come with a lime cilantro dressing and mango. The textures in this dish are perfectly balanced and the flavors well-matched. I could eat these a lot more often and my mouth would be happy.

For entrees: From the specials, trout served with fennel, fingerling potatoes, arugula and a grapefruit salsa. The fish was perfect and flaky. The only complaint? Not enough of the grapefruit salsa which had a tempting flavor that the dish only hinted at. Accompanied by a glass of Sauvignon Blanc Les Deux Tours 2006 from the Loire Valley (the wine selection is nicely varied and there's a decent selection by the glass). Also, a blackened tuna with andouille and potato/onion hash, and a mango salsa. Just the right amount of spice in this one. Served with Allagash Black. Portions were reasonable.

Dinner finished with two desserts: tasty apple bread pudding and a lovely creme brulee.

Service was friendly, helpful, and prompt. Partway through our meal, a noisier party was seated nearby and from the acoustics in the room, one suspects the noise level could rise quite dramatically on crowded nights in the restaurant. Still, it's probably a worthwhile price to pay for the excellent food.

[note: This much-delayed review was for my friend Michael's birthday dinner back in February.]

Posted by Jennifer at May 3, 2009 3:44 PM

The food was indeed great! My blackened tuna was both well-spiced and cooked exactly the way I wanted it, and the mango salsa complimented it nicely. The hash with the andouille was darned good too, as was the apple bread pudding I had for dessert. Oh, and it all went well with the tall glass of Allagash Black, which I was surprised to find on tap, rather than in a bottle. Overall, Max Fish was a great place for a birthday dinner, so thanks for taking me there! I'll look forward to going back sometime.

Posted by: Michael at May 4, 2009 9:03 PM
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