August 1, 2006

Atlanta: Pacific Rim Bistro

While in Atlanta for business, I had the opportunity to try out the Pacific Rim Bistro, in the restaurant group with Hsu's and Silk. With its proximity to Peachtree Center and several hotels, I'm sure they see quite a lot of business, and they certainly did that weekend. I saw a number of people from the same convention I was attending at nearby tables. In any case, I ordered the Vietnamese Spring Rolls to start and then, though tempted by the kobe steak, I instead opted for a partial rack of lamb (3 chops) crusted with goat cheese and wasabi and a spiced asian pear compote on the side. The first bite struck very strongly -- there was a lot of goat cheese, but luckily I am rather fond of it and found the overall combination very compelling. Their background is as varied as their menu: the owners are a married couple with one half that hails from Hong Kong and the other of Chinese descent and a Korean home.

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