April 20, 2006

New York: Red Garlic

This time my lunch with an editor from Random House led me to the Thai restaurant on 8th Avenue (between 54th and 55th). It was a marvelous choice. A cozy decor and a wide variety of dishes to choose from. Service was quite prompt and friendly. We started with Steamed Thai Dumplings (stuffed with Ground Chicken, Shallots, Peanuts and Preserved Radish) - they were quite good, sweet and not too soft. I could not resist the duck in ginger and garlic sauce for my main dish and was not disappointed. My companion tried Kow Mok Gai (Roasted Rice Chicken, with Seasoning, Curry Powder, Shallots, and Garlic, Wrapped with Banana Leaf). Neither of us had had roasted rice before and it was a very interesting texture. She then persuaded me to try the thai iced coffee. I was at first dubious because I am not a coffee drinker but it was quite good, rather like drinking a rich coffee icecream.

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