March 20, 2006

Scallop Sauce

Scallop Sauce with Olive Oil, Garlic and Hot Pepper
from Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking by Marcella Hazan
adjusted for 2 servings

1/2 pound bay scallops
4 TBSP olive oil
1/2 TBSP garlic, minced
1 TBSP chopped parsley
red pepper flakes, to taste
4 ounces spaghetti
1/4 cup unflavored bread crumbs, toasted

Wash the scallops in cold water, pat dry and cut into pieces 3/8 inch thick.

Put the olive oil and garlic in a saucepan, turn on the heat to medium and cook, stirring, until garlic becomes colored a light gold. Add the parsley and hot pepper. Stir once or twice, then add the scallops and one or two pinches of salt. Turn the heat up to high, and cook for about 1 1/2 minutes, stirring frequently until the scallops lose their shine and turn a flat white. Do not overcook the scallops or they will become tough. Taste and correct for salt and hot pepper. If the scallops shed a lot of liquid, remove them from the pan with a slotted spoon and boil down the watery juices. Return the scallops to the pan, turn them over quickly, then turn off the heat.

Toss thoroughtly with cooked drained pasta, add the bread crumbs, toss again, and serve at once.

Notes: Well.... I didn't fall in love with this one. It was okay, but nothing special. The texture from the bread crumbs certainly made it interesting, but I'm not sure it was entirely in a good way. So, I don't think I'll be making this one again.

Posted by Jennifer at March 20, 2006 4:31 PM | TrackBack

I pretty much agree. While the dish was fine, it wasn't especially good, and the toasted breadcrumbs gave it a dry texture.

Posted by: Michael at March 20, 2006 10:19 PM

And here I was, just reading this and thinking how good it sounded. Perhaps it just needs some fiddling.

Posted by: Christiane at March 23, 2006 6:37 AM
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