October 29, 2005

West Hartford: Murasaki

A couple years ago, while parking en route to Grant's Restaurant for dinner, I noticed the little window-front of Murasaki and thought that I should try to get back there someday and try it out. I'm very sorry it took me so long. It's quite possibly some of the best sushi I've ever eaten. Going the a la carte route, here's what was ordered:

*appetizer -- mussels Murasaki: Steamed pacific green mussels in garlic, tomato, onion and lemon sauce. Served chilled. This was very tasty and quite unlike anything I've ever had before.

*the Murasaki roll: with snow crab, veggies and egg
*toro (belly tuna)
*uni (sea urchin)
*sake (salmon)
*unagi (eel)
*hotate (scallop)
*quail egg on masago (smelt roe)

Unangi is a long-time favorite of mine, and this was even better than usual, the sauce being that much higher in taste and quality. The new things that I tried were the sea urchin, which I liked very much and will definitely have again sometime, and the quail egg, presented raw and nestled in the roe. I thought that last would seem more adventurous but only in thought, not in deed, as it turned out. I'm glad to have tried it out but it wasn't quite exciting enough to order again. The tuna belly was very rich and the price matched. Overall I decided it was a bit on the extravagant side and not quite worth the cost. However, everything was prepared absolutely perfectly, and I have not a single complaint as to the food itself. The service was lovely as well. I'll definitely be visting this place again the next time an opportunity presents itself.

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The sushi at Murasaki was certainly the best I've ever had, and the green mussel appetizer was amazing. A definite must for any sushi fans in the Hartford area.

Posted by: Michael at November 10, 2005 9:48 PM
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