September 18, 2005

Glastonbury: Max Amore

After eating out a couple of very appealing places in New York City, I was in the mood for a home-cooked meal, but the trip home proved I wasn't ready to tackle actually being in the kitchen again. So, from the train station, I went to Max Amore in Glastonbury (9/15). It's a very popular local place. Always crowded. Quite noisy, but with good acoustics so one can hear one's tablemate(s) amidst the din.

Appetizer: Carpaccio Classico -- I have a weakness for carpaccio in many forms. I've tried tuna and salmon variations. But the beef sirloin is always the one that I want to come home to. The first time I ever had it was across the street from Max Amore at J. Gilbert's. Max Amore's version is a stiff competition.

Main Dishes: I had the lobster pasta special, which was quite tasty if a bit drier than I anticipated from its description. My companion had Fresh Black Pepper Pappardelle, prepared with prosciutto, sweet English peas, and a parmesan cream sauce. It was the better of the two dishes.

Dessert: We split the "Baci Ball" -- a hazelnut and chocolate covered gelato with black raspberry cream anglaise. Yum.

My meal was accompanied with a glass of Pinot Noir Mark West 2002, which seemed to suit the various dishes fairly well. Robust with a good balance of flavors.

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This was my second time at Max Amore, and the food was once again delicious. The carpaccio perhaps isn't *quite* as good as the one at J. Gilbert's, but it was still exceedingly tasty. I managed to get the better of our two entrees [sorry, Jenn!], with the creamy parmesan sauce working very well with the peppery pasta and slightly salty prosciutto. The "Baci Ball" for dessert was pretty darned tasty as well.

Posted by: Michael at October 3, 2005 8:28 PM
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