January 25, 2005

Food Addiction

Everyone has to eat.... but some people are a *bit* more involved with it than others. Selections courtesy of a recent thread on eGullet.org, some ideas about how to know when you have a "problem"....

* when you plan vacations around where to eat and not what to see
* when employees at small ethnic markets greet you by name
* when you're accused of reading cookbooks like novels, and not only don't deny it but are confused as to how anyone could do it differently
* when your coworkers greet you on Monday morning by asking what you cooked over the weekend
* when your mother calls *you* for cooking advice
* when someone asks for driving directions and all your landmarks are restaurants
* when you have a spreadsheet for restaurants you want to try
* when grocery shopping isn't a chore -- it's a highlight of the week (and you find an ingredient for something that has you jumping up and down in the aisles)
* when you travel and take your own knives and cooking equipment along
* when it actually costs more to cook at home than eat out at a mid-range restaurant
* when your clothes are basic jeans and tshirts, but you spare no expense on cookware and kitchen accessories (e.g. Wusthof, KitchenAid, All-Clad)
* when you have a blog solely dedicated to food/cooking

Posted by Jennifer at January 25, 2005 9:01 PM

This reminds me of someone I know....*grin*

Posted by: Michael at January 25, 2005 9:07 PM


I've never... well, I'm not...

I don't have a food blog, anyway.

Posted by: Laura Anne at January 25, 2005 11:02 PM

well I'm glad to see I am not a total total addict. I like to spend money on kitchen equipment but you'll rarely catch me wearing jeans & a t-shirt. (I like to dress for dinner, of course...!)

Posted by: sam at January 26, 2005 1:52 AM

I think all of those apply to me. I've even gone out of the country (to South America and Mexico) in order to find certain chiles.

Posted by: Nick at March 18, 2005 10:16 AM

Nick --

Thanks for stopping by. Quick question for you - if you happen to glance back at this. Do you know if there's a more domestic chile that can be substituted for Thai red ones in recipes?

-- Jennifer

Posted by: Jennifer at March 18, 2005 10:52 AM

Off the top of my head i don't know of any, but that's because I've never even thought about making the substitution, since they are so available here. Are you looking for something equivelent in heat or flavor? or both?

You can buy Thai chiles online here: http://importfood.com/freshthaiproduce.html - i've never bought from them, so I can't vouch for them, just found it doing a quick search.

I would also suggest trying a Thai Chile sauce - since those tend to keep longer and are more readily available.

Posted by: NIck at March 18, 2005 11:39 AM
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