October 8, 2004

Forecasting: September 2004

Here's a list of deals that went down for cookbooks during September 2004 (garnered from various sources). I don't have publication dates for all of them. Even so, I decided this would be a fun feature to add to my blog - mostly for my own future reference as I build the culinary library, but I'd be glad if others found it useful.

Cookbook Deals from September 2004:

Wai Hon Chu and Connie Lovatt's THE GREAT BOOK OF GREAT DUMPLINGS, filled with dumpling recipes and anecdotes from around the world, to Harper.

Soon to be ex-editor of The Bookseller Nick Clee's DON'T SWEAT THE AUBERGINE: What You Really Need to Know About Cooking, containing advice and explanations that conventional recipe books tend to omit or skim over, to Short Books, for publication in fall 2005.

Mimi Bean and Rebecca Chastenet de Gery's SNAG A MAN MEALS: When You and Your Dish are Really Cooking, a humorous guide to capturing any man's heart through his stomach and his aesthetic sensibilities, to Kensington Books.

Deborah Schneider's BAJA! COOKING ON THE EDGE, focusing on the fresh, simple, delicious seafood-based cooking of Baja California, a cuisine with roots in Mexico, Asia and California, to Rodale.

Dianne Jacob's WILL WRITE FOR FOOD: The Complete Guide to Writing Restaurant Reviews, Cookbooks, Recipes, Stories and More, with insights and tips from the nation's best food writers, such as Molly O'Neill, Colman Andrews, Dana Cowin, Amanda Hesser, Mimi Sheraton, Williams Grimes, Anthony Bourdain and Deborah Madison, to Marlowe.

James Beard and IACP Bert Greene Award-winner, sommelier and wine writer Natalie MacLean's THE CRUSHED GRAPE CLUB, a wine book told through behind-the-scenes stories and insider information about, for example, working at a winery during the fall harvest; trailing a sommelier at a five-star restaurant; the young women who ran the great champagne houses at the turn of the last century; and the journey a bottle of Beaujolais takes from a village in southern Burgundy by plane, ship, train, truck and foot to wine lovers around the world, to Bloomsbury.

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