November 5, 2003

D.C.: Capitol City Brewing Company

A stone's throw from the capitol building, this brewpub has three additional branches. Luckily, this place was far less crowded than we expected. So, we had a chance to sit and relax and enjoy the meal. We began with the eastern shore crab dip (a spinach and artichoke mix with crab added) -- very tasty. For the main entrees: bistro beefsteak garni (a lovely tender center cut with a peppery garlic seasoning) and a salmon stack (maple glazed filets on couscous). Both were delicious and my only complaint might be that I wish the portions had been larger. We rounded out the meal with the sampler of the local brew - the porter didn't prove to our liking (but I'm never fond of that), and the pumpkin ale was a spicy surprise (and much more appealing than my one and only attempt to homebrew the same). The other three flavors were smooth if perhaps a bit too similar too each other to warrant more mention. Overall, a fun place for dinner and the kitchens are to be complimented for not letting the brew carry all the load.

Posted by Jennifer at November 5, 2003 3:43 PM
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