September 1, 2003

Toronto, Take One

Back from Worldcon... Watch for Toronto, Take Two when I return to the city in just two weeks for Ambercon North.

Joe Badali's: An Italian restaurant and bar, which likely got a lot of traffic during the weekend as it was close to the convention center and the prices were reasonable. My choice for dinner? Vitello Marsala. Reasonably tasty but not particularly exceptional food. I think the menu overall reflects the theme of appealing but not perhaps as imaginative as one might hope. Though I hear the tiramisu was quite delicious. Perhaps I would've tried the buffet if it was available so as to sample more of their dishes.

Dhaba: An Indian restaurant rated as one of the top ten restaurants in the city in 2001. I took David and several friends (Deb, Kev, Mike, Al, eBear, Big Steve) there for lunch and as celebration for David's birthday. We all had the buffet, which featured several delicious dishes. It seemed to me that we all had a lovely time, and the rendition of the SCA version of "Happy Birthday" was just not to be missed.

Benihana: A branch of this dependable chain was located in the main convention hotel. A convenient place to stop for a quick lunch of sushi. And I got to have my favorite: unagi.

I also spent a fair amount of time at the EPIC in the Fairmont Royal York. In the mornings, I treated clients to their wonderful brunch (but not on Sunday, when the $19 version was replaced with the $50 version!). My favorite treat (and thanks to Deb for turning me on to it), a pastry with a sweet glaze and nuts that was somewhat reminscent of baklava in flavor.

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