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Right votes, wrong reasons

January 29th, 2008 – 11:26 pm
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In case you find yourself thinking that the majority of Senate Democrats actually care about things like the rule of law, Glenn Greenwald puts Monday’s vote into perspective for you: Senate Democrats today took a stand for their procedural rights, not against telecom immunity or warrantless eavesdropping. After all, many of the Senate Democrats who […]

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

January 21st, 2008 – 7:25 pm
Tagged as: Economics

I want to say to you as I move to my conclusion, as we talk about “Where do we go from here?” that we must honestly face the fact that the movement must address itself to the question of restructuring the whole of American society. There are forty million poor people here, and one day […]

Just say no to Hillary Clinton

January 9th, 2008 – 9:03 pm
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Whatever the reason for Hillary Clinton’s “surprising” victory in yesterday’s New Hampshire primary, I have to say I’m disappointed. I had some hope that after losing both Iowa and New Hampshire, the way would be paved for someone other than her to be the Democratic nominee. Someone I could actually vote for in the general […]

John Edwards

January 2nd, 2008 – 10:22 pm
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I quite like this one: