Silencing your opponents

June 12th, 2005 – 9:02 pm
Tagged as: Politics

What do you do if those pesky Democrats want to have witnesses speak against Bush policy during a hearing about the renewal of the Patriot Act? If you’re the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, you insult them, bang your gavel to end the hearing, storm out, and have the microphones shut off.

This morning [Friday] Rep. Sensenbrenner, the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee was leading a committee hearing looking into the renewal of Patriot Act.

Mr. Sensenbrenner decided that he didn’t like the tone of the meeting and simply got up and left but not before he criticized the witnesses who came and gave their testimony to the committee.

After he left the microphones were switched on and off while the Democratic members of the committee continued to discuss the renewal of the Patriot Act.

That’s the Republican version of democracy for you. Read more about this story here.

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