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Silencing your opponents

June 12th, 2005 – 9:02 pm
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What do you do if those pesky Democrats want to have witnesses speak against Bush policy during a hearing about the renewal of the Patriot Act? If you’re the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, you insult them, bang your gavel to end the hearing, storm out, and have the microphones shut off. This morning […]

Books that make conservatives cry

June 6th, 2005 – 8:35 pm
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The ridiculously conservative weekly Human Events has compiled a list of what they call the Ten Most Harmful Books of the 19th and 20th Centuries. 1. The Communist Manifesto Authors: Karl Marx and Freidrich Engels Publication date: 1848 2. Mein Kampf Author: Adolf Hitler Publication date: 1925-26 3. Quotations from Chairman Mao Author: Mao Zedong […]

The gulag of our times

June 2nd, 2005 – 10:20 pm
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Amnesty International issued a report last week which took the U.S. to task for it’s abuse of prisoners in the name of the war on terror. In 1973 AI published its first report on torture. It found that: “torture thrives on secrecy and impunity. Torture rears its head when the legal barriers against it are […]