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December 19th, 2004 – 3:33 pm
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Writer Nick Mamatas shares this:

In Pennsylvania, with less than a month before the first biology class begins discussing intelligent design theory at Dover Area High School, teachers are nervous.

That’s right, teaching Intelligent Design (ID) theory, which posits that biochemical structures and processes, like bloodclotting, are sooooo complex that they must have been designed by an Intelligent Designer rather than via good ol’ random variation meeting natural selection, is hitting some schools. And it’s mandatory. Of course, it’s a rubbish theory based on at best wishful thinking, and at worst ignorance accompanied by a religious agenda, but that never stopped school before, now has it?

Things just keep getting scarier and scarier. Heck, why teach our kids actual science at all, since it’s all just a plot to make us doubt God? Of course, we’ll still want all of the benefits that science has brought us, but apparently there’s no contradiction there.

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