On to Iran?

July 23rd, 2004 – 9:36 pm
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You may have heard that now the Bush administration and its allies is trying to say that Iran had something to do with 9/11, using the filmiest of evidence from unreliable sources. Does that sound like a familiar strategy? As Juan Cole explains, it should.

The same techniques used to get up the Iraq war are now being applied by the political Right in the United States, including President Bush, to Iran. These include innuendo, guilt by association, vague fears, and hyped capabilities. If Bush gets a second term, it seems very likely that his administration will make war on Iran.

Cole goes on to explain why the very idea of Iran working with Al- Quaeda is pretty much ludicrous, in light of the religious and geopolitical issues involved. Plus, even Acting CIA Director John McLaughlin has already admitted that there is no evidence that Iran knew beforehand about the 9/11 plot. It’s a great analysis, and very much worth a read.

Of course, a lack of evidence didn’t stop Bush and friends from launching a war against Iraq, so there’s no reason to think they’ll refrain from a war against Iran for the same reasons, as long as they think it suits their purposes. Such an attack would be sheer madness, given the fact that Iran has a population three times as large as that of Iraq, and a lot more will to fight (they remember the last monster we put in charge of their country), but our President has already proven himself more than willing to risk American lives (both those of the soldiers on the ground and the rest of us who will suffer the retaliation) in pursuit of his righteous crusades.

In case you needed still another reason to vote for John Kerry in November.

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