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Oh yeah, North Korea

June 23rd, 2004 – 9:20 pm
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In case you’d kind of lost track of what’s going on with those people in North Korea (you know, the ones that actually have nuclear weapons), The Poor Man brings us up to date. That’s the way bad scenario. The way good scenario is this: they only tell us to go fuck ourselves a little […]

The occupation continues

June 20th, 2004 – 12:51 pm
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Juan Cole is dead on with his comments about Saturday’s airstrike on a residential neighborhood in Fallujah: I don’t mean to be a killjoy, but for an Occupying Power to drop bombs on residential neighborhoods is a war crime. The three women and five children killed are not “collateral damage.” They are human beings. They […]


June 19th, 2004 – 9:12 am
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Check out this excellent piece by the always entertaining Neal Pollack about President Bush’s version of being a Christian (and the fact that he’s trying to drag the rest of us along with him): Like everything else churned out by the Bush administration, Camp Redemption is an Orwellian nonsense term. It’s a big old jail, […]

Worst Attorney General ever

June 16th, 2004 – 10:15 pm
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Paul Krugman had an excellent column on Tuesday where he talked about just what a failure Ashcroft has been in fighting the war on terror. First, there’s the absence of any major successful prosecutions. The one set of convictions that seemed fairly significant — that of the “Detroit 3” — appears to be collapsing over […]

Black humor indeed

June 12th, 2004 – 11:31 am
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Juan Cole recently posted this Iraqi twist on a very old joke: Why Did the Chicken cross the Road? Coalition Provisional Authority: The fact that the Iraqi chicken crossed the road affirmatively demonstrates that decision-making authority has been transferred to the chicken well in advance of the scheduled June 30th transition of power. From now […]

Unbiased reporting?

June 12th, 2004 – 11:30 am
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Now that Ronald Reagan’s funeral has occurred, here’s Atrios with some dead on comments about the lax nature of what passed for “news” coverage looking back at the man’s life. Look, I’m fine with the Peggy Noonan footworshipping. I’m fine with all the “Reagan destroyed the Soviet Union singlehandedly” nonsense. I’m fine with all of […]


June 12th, 2004 – 11:27 am
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There’s so much that I’m planning to post about, including the torture memo, the Texas GOP implosion, the latest poll numbers that show support for Bush continuing to shrink, and the situation in Iraq (just to name a few). As you’ve probably noticed though, I haven’t been posting all that often lately. I’m going to […]

Ronald Reagan is dead

June 6th, 2004 – 8:41 pm
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While I don’t think even Ronald Reagan deserved a slow death by Alzheimer’s, I’m not going to pretend that I thought the man was anything but bad for the world. This long post over on Informed Comment pretty much sums up most of the problems I had with the man. Reagan’s policies thus bequeathed to […]

Another reason to vote for Kerry

June 1st, 2004 – 9:05 pm
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While President Bush is out on the campaign trail pushing the whole “compassionate conservative” lie again, his administration is making preparations for big post-election cuts to many of the very programs that he’s talking up. It has long been clear that the Bush administration’s claim that it can simultaneously pursue war, large tax cuts and […]