Various reactions to the State of the Union

January 25th, 2004 – 2:53 pm
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It’s taken me longer to pull this post together than I’d planned, but here’s a whole bunch of news and commentary about Bush’s State of the Union address this past Tuesday:

Bush launches US re-election bid — A straightforward report on the speech, but with an excellent choice of headline.

George W Bush and the real state of the Union — A great roundup of statistics about Bush’s record in office.

Bush’s Defiant State of the Union — A look at some of Bush’s lies (and delusions) from the SOTU.

“The Emperor Has No Clothes”: Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky on
Bush’s State of the Union Address
— Commentary on the differences between Bush’s view of the world and reality.

SOTU Speech…Worst. Speech. Ever — Some fine comments about the speech.

Yawn Of The Union — Still more comments about the SOTU

The White House’s Truth Deficit — Calpundit on Bush’s lies about the deficit.

Patriot Act: Needs a Fix, Not Renewal — TalkLeft on the ACLU’s response to Bush’s SOTU comments about the Patriot Act, and how the Act can be fixed.

The price of deceit — An editorial piece about Bush’s continued lies about Iraq

Sinking Ship — More on the disconnect between Bush’s Iraq policy and reality.

Bush Savings Accounts- Theft from Future — Nathan Newman on why Bush’s proposed Lifetime Savings Accounts “are possibly THE largest threat to economic equity in the tax code.”

The State of Spending — Even the conservatives over at the Heritage Foundation didn’t like Bush’s budget ideas.

Sins Of Omission — A piece about how Bush completely ignored the environment during his SOTU speech.

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