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Some stories of note

November 30th, 2003 – 7:07 pm
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I’ve finally come to accept the fact that I’m never going to find the time to comment on everything I want to make mention of, so I’m going to try occasionally posting links to news and opinions that I think you’ll find of interest, but which I’ve never gotten around to talking about. Here’s the […]

President in a bubble

November 27th, 2003 – 8:42 pm
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This week’s This Modern World comic is pretty darned funny….and scary at the same time. Check out Life in the Bubble.

Not afraid

November 27th, 2003 – 8:32 pm
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It’s been awhile since I linked to one of Justin Raimondo’s rants, but I especially liked his column from yesterday, which was called Go F*ck Yourself, Mr. President. In it, he takes on the ridiculous ad that the Republicans are running in Iowa, in which they try to scare people into voting for the only […]

Nice photo-op, Mr. President

November 27th, 2003 – 8:25 pm
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President Bush snuck into Iraq today to have Thanksgiving dinner with some of the troops there. While I’m sure that most (if not all) of the soldiers were glad to have him, the fact is that this is another Presidential campaign stop for Bush, this time using his supposed concern for the troops as cover. […]

Chipping away at freedom

November 24th, 2003 – 7:34 pm
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There was quite an uproar earlier this year when the Justice Department’s plans for Patriot Act II were revealed, so apparently it was decided to sneak in provisions from that proposal by adding them to the latest intelligence spending bill: Congress approved a bill on Friday that expands the reach of the Patriot Act, reduces […]

Adding insult to grievous injury

November 23rd, 2003 – 8:23 pm
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Another nice one from the Israeli government: Defense Ministry check, sent “without any admission of liability by the State of Israel and/or the Ministry of Defense” to the family of a International Solidarity Mission volunteer shot by an Israel Defense Forces soldier, bounced when the family tried to cash it earlier this week. The ISM […]

Will seniors fight back?

November 23rd, 2003 – 8:12 pm
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Now that the Republican leadership in the House has pushed their Medicare “reforms” through with a late night roll call vote, it’s time for the Senate to take up the bill. Right now it’s looking like it’ll pass, as the Democrats may not have enough votes to filibuster it, but there are already indications that […]

This Modern World: The Homosexual Menace

November 19th, 2003 – 8:24 pm
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In this week’s comic, Tom Tomorrow takes a mocking look at the idea of the “The Homosexual Menace.” Check it out.

Getting better mileage….in China

November 19th, 2003 – 8:19 pm
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While the Bush administration pushes its farce of an energy bill, the Chinese are actually doing something about their dependence on foreign oil: The Chinese government is preparing to impose minimum fuel economy standards on new cars for the first time, and the rules will be significantly more stringent than those in the United States, […]

Following a bad example

November 18th, 2003 – 10:57 pm
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Apparently when it comes to Iraq, we’ve decided to follow the example of those paragons of human rights, the Israelis: It is the West Bank and Gaza Strip, but transported to Iraq. A town is imprisoned by razor wire. The entrance is guarded by soldiers, protected by sand bags, concrete barricades and a machine-gun nest. […]