What Bush has done for America

September 27th, 2003 – 10:18 am
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How’s the American economy doing during the reign of Bush II? Let’s look at the latest numbers on poverty and income:

About 1.7 million more people dropped below the poverty line from 2001 to 2002, while median income went down as well, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

The bureau reported a 1.1 percent decline, to $42,409, in median household income from ’01 to ’02, after accounting for inflation.

Not very good numbers at all, and that’s even without mentioning the fact that this is the first time in nearly a decade that the poverty numbers have risen two years in a row. Maybe that’s the reason that this information was released on a Friday, in an attempt to bury it in the less-viewed Friday and Saturday news cycle. To make matters even
worse, most experts agree that the census numbers used in this report undercount the number of poor by up to fifty percent, so there are a lot more poor people out there than the government is willing to admit.

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