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September 24th, 2003 – 8:09 pm
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I really like the tone of this article over at the Moscow Times about the whole electronic voting fiasco.

It’s a shell game, with money, companies and corporate brands switching in a blur of buyouts and bogus fronts. It’s a sinkhole, where mobbed-up operators, paid-off public servants, crazed Christian fascists, CIA shadow-jobbers, war-pimping arms dealers — and presidential family members — lie down together in the slime. It’s a hacker’s dream, with pork-funded, half-finished, secretly programmed computer systems installed without basic security standards by politically partisan private firms, and protected by law from public scrutiny. It’s how the United States, the “world’s greatest democracy,” casts its votes. And it’s why George W. Bush will almost certainly be the next president of the United States — no matter what the people of the United States might want.

Most people are failing to take this issue seriously enough, in my opinion. It really doesn’t matter whether Bush ends up running against Howard Dean or Wesley Clark if the votes in the election aren’t going to be counted accurately and fairly.

As a sidenote, apparently Diebold, the most nefarious of the voting machine companies featured in some of the articles that I’ve mentioned here before, used its lawyers to get taken down. I guess they can’t handle the truth about their operation getting out.

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