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Smearing Scott Ritter

January 28th, 2003 – 10:26 pm
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“Anybody who doesn’t believe that Ritter was specifically targeted on account of his political activities needs to seek help: that sort of naivete can be terminal, and the patient probably shouldn’t be trusted to cross the street unattended.” Justin Raimondo of has a great column about the smear campaign being conducted against ex-UN inspector […]


January 27th, 2003 – 9:49 pm
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Especially worth seeing: Boondocks This Modern World [requires dealing with Salon’s new ad thing to see for free]

More marching toward war

January 27th, 2003 – 9:48 pm
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“United States officials have made clear that they are running out of patience with Iraq after an unexpectedly harsh report by the chief UN weapons inspector. Iraq has complied with United Nations demands only reluctantly and may still possess biological weapons and rockets, chief inspector Hans Blix told the Security Council on Monday. ‘Iraq appears […]

The more wars the merrier

January 21st, 2003 – 10:22 pm
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“The United States has deployed troops in eastern Colombia in an area rich of oil and widely seen as a stronghold of Marxist rebels. US special forces have begun training Colombian troops in counter-insurgency techniques in the province of Arauca. The army is trying to protect an oil pipeline which has been attacked 200 times […]

The truth about Venezuela

January 21st, 2003 – 10:12 pm
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“Walking around Caracas late last month during Venezuela’s ongoing protests, I was surprised by what I saw. My expectations had been shaped by persistent U.S. media coverage of the nationwide strike called by the opposition, which seeks President Hugo Chavez’s ouster. Yet in most of the city, where poor and working-class people live, there were […]

Another shining moment for Joe

January 21st, 2003 – 10:04 pm
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“‘Governor Ryan’s action was shockingly wrong,’ Mr. Lieberman said in an interview on Friday. ‘It did terrible damage to the credibility of our system of justice, and particularly for the victims. It was obviously not a case-by-case review, and that’s what our system is all about.’” I didn’t really need yet another reason for disliking […]

The anti-war movement

January 21st, 2003 – 10:04 pm
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“Just maybe the zeitgeist is beginning to shift. This week a Pew poll found that only 42 percent of Americans believe that President Bush has made the case for war—down from 52 percent in September. Last week, a huge Chicago local of the Teamster’s—one of the unions that’s been cosiest with the Bush White House—hosted […]

MLK Jr. Day (one day late)

January 21st, 2003 – 9:24 pm
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“It’s become a TV ritual: Every year in mid-January, around the time of Martin Luther King’s birthday, we get perfunctory network news reports about ‘the slain civil rights leader.’ The remarkable thing about this annual review of King’s life is that several years — his last years — are totally missing, as if flushed down […]

Gilmore vs. Ashcroft

January 14th, 2003 – 8:18 pm
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Posted to the cryptography discussion list: Subject: Air ID: Gilmore v. Ashcroft: Friday AM hearing in SF From: John Gilmore My case against John Ashcroft, TSA, and various other agencies will have its first hearing at 9AM on January 17, 2003 in San Francisco. You-all are encouraged to attend if you’re nearby. We’ll be arguing […]

A very evil State of the Union address

January 14th, 2003 – 7:53 pm
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Someone has created a brilliant remix/edit of President Bush giving a State of the Union address. Go watch it! Available in: Quicktime Windows Media Realplayer