Interfering in Venezuela

December 16th, 2002 – 7:16 pm
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“It’s 10 p.m. — do you know what your government is up to? It seems that Iraq is not the only ‘regime change’ that the Bush Administration is working on. The US government has apparently decided that President Chavez of Venezuela must go, one way or another.

True, Saddam Hussein is a brutal tyrant who has invaded and threatened neighboring countries — whereas Hugo Chavez was democratically elected, has shown no ill will toward any of his neighbors, and tolerates a steady barrage of virulent, hate-filled propaganda against his presidency from the major Venezuelan media.

But these distinctions can be blurred, because both have offended the US government, and both are sitting on a lot of oil. So most Americans can be forgiven for having similar impressions of the two leaders, given what they hear from the US media. A recent op-ed in the Washington Post referred to the Chavez government as a ‘dictatorship.'”

It seems the US government can’t resist interfering in the politics of our neighbors to the south when they’re ruled by leftist politicians. Not that President Hugo Chavez is doing a wonderful job or anything, but it’s not our place to tell him or his people how to resolve their current problems, especially after our involvement in an attempted coup in Venezuela earlier this year.

Read more from this article here, and more on the situation in Venezuela here and here.

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