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December 11th, 2002 – 9:43 pm
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“A judge in the US has ruled that Vice-President Dick Cheney does not have to release details of meetings with oil executives to the investigative arm of Congress. The General Accounting Office sued the White House for names of people consulted over energy policy as part of its remit to ensure the government’s accountability.”

The court ruled that, because the GAO was asked to investigate by only a few elected representatives, rather than as a result of some sort of resolution passed by either the Senate or the House, it didn’t have the authority to conduct the investigation. It’s another win for the forces of secrecy in the Bush administration, who definitely don’t want you to know that the now bankrupt Enron and its ilk played a major part in formulating the nation’s pathetic excuse for an energy policy. Let’s hope that the lawsuit filed by Judicial Watch is able to do a better job of bringing the details to light.

Read the BBC article here.

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