Repeat it until it becomes the truth

October 19th, 2002 – 8:34 pm
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“But the bizarre thing is this: the more people, politicians and experts question the idea that Iraq and al-Qaeda are linked, the more the Bush administration makes these claims central among its arguments for bombing Baghdad. Despite the dearth of evidence, Bush and co are going further and further down the Saddam/bin Laden route. Why?”

An excellent piece in Brendan O’Neill’s blog, talking how the Bush adminstration seems to be determined to create a link between Iraq and al-Queda, despite the lack of evidence, simply by repeating over and over that there’s a link. Fortunately for him, the mainstream media seem to be more than happy to help him do this.

Read the whole thing here (and ignore the bizarre comment someone else posted about White Knights and the Supreme Court).

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