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September 29th, 2002 – 5:19 pm
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“In August, President Bush took time from his month-long vacation to travel to WorldCom territory in Mississippi. Saying that he was ‘disillusioned’ with corporate scandals, he demanded that the Senate act immediately to join the Republican majority in the House in passing pension reform legislation. What the President did not say is that the House “pension reform” bill would actually deprive millions of workers of literally billions in corporate contributions to 401(k) plans.”

In case you were distracted by all this talk of attacking Iraq (which Bush and his fellow Republicans certainly hoped you were), I thought I’d bring up that topic the President would most like you to forget… the economy. Once again the rich are getting set to screw over the workers of America, and, as the author of this piece points out, they’re being fairly clever about it too.

Read the full article here.

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