Don’t believe everything the media tells you

September 13th, 2002 – 10:20 pm
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“Anyone who spends a little time in Baghdad knows there is one thing the dwindling, beaten-down middle class of that country fears more than the hideous regime of Saddam Hussein: an Islamic uprising. The Iraqis sent millions of young men to their deaths in the 1980s fighting exactly the kind of fundamentalist Islamic mentality that we so dread now. As much as they hate their dictator, Iraqis hate the Islamists even more. As a Sunni Muslim, so does Saddam. As in the 1980s, this creepy strongman is standing between Iraqis and the jihad.

This observation is not difficult to come by. All it takes is a little time and little guts. Any journalist who spends a few weeks on the ground in Baghdad will start to hear this talk. People — women especially, who have more rights in Iraq than any other Arab country — are terrified of the jihadis in Iraq, even more than they are terrified of their dictator with his creepy Big Brother pictures staring at them from every crack and crevice of their wasted, wilted country.”

This article asks the important question of why the American media has failed to investigate Bush administrations claims that Saddam is (or soon may be) working with Al Qaeda. Even more than in the first Gulf War, the major American news channels seem to be willing to accept anything our government tells them at face value.

Read the full article here, and an excellent related article (about past propaganda lies) here.

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