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July 28th, 2002 – 4:42 pm
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The article this excerpt comes from is from 1999, and it discussed the possiblity of internment camps being used for Serbian-Americans in the event of war with Yugoslavia. Chillingly enough, much of what it discussed can even more easily be applied to the current “war on terrorism”: “In early 1984, when the Reagan administration was […]

Some people just don’t get it

July 28th, 2002 – 4:01 pm
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“A federal judge in Louisiana ruled yesterday that the state illegally used federal money to promote religion in its abstinence-only sex education programs, a decision that could jeopardize President Bush’s ambitions for expanding the effort nationwide.” Why did the judge rule this way? Because the groups involved in the initiative were, “using government money to […]

California leads the way again

July 28th, 2002 – 2:34 pm
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“California, the most populous and richest state in the US, will no longer do business with or invest in companies that dodge US taxes.” First they raised their auto emissions standards even higher, and now California is the first state to adopt tough restrictions against investing in U.S. corporations that move their headquarters off shore […]

Going it alone

July 28th, 2002 – 2:24 pm
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“The United States has failed to block a United Nations treaty on preventing torture, but the country is under no obligation to adopt the new convention at home.” The general tone of the article is almost one of puzzlement about why the U.S. would try so hard to stop a treaty than isn’t even binding […]

Holding the Israelis accountable

July 28th, 2002 – 2:11 pm
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“The Palestinian envoy to the United Nations has demanded that Israel be brought before the world’s new criminal court for the killing of 15 people in an air strike on Gaza City.” In case you hadn’t heard, last week the Israelis decided to drop a 1-ton bomb on an apartment building in a crowded urban […]

Fixing capitalism?

July 28th, 2002 – 1:54 pm
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“In a few short weeks, America’s political economy has been stunningly transformed. The Bush administration, the Republican Party and three decades of conservative ideology are facing a potential rout. Yesterday’s conservative clichés are today’s political embarrassments. Americans are getting a vivid if painful education about the limits of the marketplace and the salutary role of […]

Quelling dissent early

July 28th, 2002 – 1:43 pm
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“More than 200,000 people in rural Peru were pressured into being sterilised by the government of former President Alberto Fujimori, an official report has revealed.” The American government has a long-standing fondness for right-wing governments in Latin America, like Mr. Fulimori’s, despite the fact that they are often the ones most likely to commit acts […]

Skip the TIPS

July 28th, 2002 – 1:37 pm
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“The Bush administration wants a new set of eyes – millions of them. But perched in his rig at a truck stop near Jessup, Md., George Freeman shook his pony-tailed head at a proposed terrorism informant network that would rely on millions of American workers to feed the government tips on suspicious activity. ‘It’s going […]

Well said, JMS

July 23rd, 2002 – 10:45 pm
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Posted by J. Michael Straczynski, probably best known as the creator of the Babylon 5 television series: From: (Jms at B5) Date: 22 Jul 2002 05:29:54 GMT >I would be interested to hear some alternate suggestions on how to deal with them [terrorists]. After all, it is one thing to criticize. It is another […]

Creative accounting

July 23rd, 2002 – 8:50 pm
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“The perpetrators of the budget binge — President Bush and Congress — are sacrificing the public’s long-term welfare for their own short-term political gains. In the case of Enron, the company’s long-run stability was sacrificed for inflated stock prices in the short run. In the case of the federal budget, the health of Social Security […]