May 16, 2006

On behalf of Joe and Linda at

Below is the email we've sent to our family and friends about "Hot Rock for Autism" charity project. As people associated with the world of hot & spicy food, we are asking for your help. Please try to spread the word about this event. If you have a blog, please post it and let everyone know about it. Forward this email to everyone you know who might be interested. The Autism Society of America will be giving it some PR on their website, but the more we have from people like you...the better chance we have of this project being a huge success and raising lots of money to donate to such a worthwhile cause.


- Joe & Linda


Hello again,

We'd like to draw your attention to a fundraiser we are beginning today on our hot-n-spicy website, The Hot Zone Online, Blog: If you're not interested in the auctions, which we're pretty sure most of you will not be, please visit our First Giving site and consider donating to a good cause:

Some of you may or may not know that on February 22 of this year, Ari was diagnosed with Autism. If you would like you can read more about that whole process here:

We think that many people have an outdated idea of what autism is, but it's important to note that autism is a spectrum disorder that affects each person differently and to different degrees. Ari has autism and we love him for his strengths and weaknesses. Like any other child, we strive to maximize his strengths and minimize his weaknesses. Sometimes we succeed. Sometimes we fail. We're human. No matter what, though, we love him very much and hope to see him live a very full life.

Again, please consider a contribution.

Linda & Joe

Joe & Linda Levinson
The Hot Zone Online Blog

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April 3, 2006

Naughty Curry

Ego-surfing.... and discovered that my version of Chicken Makhani inspired Courtney, Trina, and Trobee of Naughty Curry to make their own version. It sounds like it came out really well.

So now I'm wondering if anyone else has tried some of the same recipes that I have posted here while I've been logging all the new things I've cooked (or attempted to cook). Wow, in just a little over four weeks, this blog will be three years old. When I started I didn't really think I'd keep at it that long, but a girl's gotta eat.

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May 3, 2004

Happy Anniversary

This weblog is one year old today!

I've been having a ton of fun learning new things and trying to challenge myself in the kitchen over the last year. And I'm certainly a different cook now then when I started. Here's to the next year and more adventures in pursuit of the next great taste experience. Cheers!

Also, a feed has been made available through Live Journal: here.

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January 24, 2004

New Link

I've noticed that many people when adding new links to the menus on their pages will make a housekeeping entry on same. I've never really done that because I've always somewhat thought that few people pay attention to them other than myself. However, after making many updates today (including bringing the recipes back online), I thought I'd go ahead and add some more content...

Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page: These James Beard award-winners have a page I'll likely be visiting often. Their restaurants section is what originally snagged me -- since they appear to live in New York City which I frequently visit on business. However, I also intend to poke through their recipes too.

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