June 13, 2003

Shrimp with Hoisin Sauce

Muggy last night, so wanted something quick, but still delicious. Came up with the following:

3/4 pound shrimp
some green onions
some snow peas
some oyster mushrooms
1 TBSP minced garlic
2 TBSP hoisin sauce
1 TBSP oyster sauce

Stir fry shrimp, green onions, and garlic for about two minutes. Add hoisin sauce and oyster sauce. Stir through. Add peas, and then a couple minutes later, mushrooms. Stir fry until vegetables reach desired consistency (I like mine still on the crunchy side).

Assessment? Could've used a bit more sauce or spice or something. It was good, but perhaps a bit too mild in the savory department.

Posted by Jennifer at June 13, 2003 9:38 AM
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