Books for September and October 2009

Catching up from last year….

Woken Furies by Richard K. Morgan [3.5/5]

While I didn’t find this to be as strong an effort as the first Takeshi Kovacs book (Altered Carbon, which was brilliant), I did enjoy it more than Broken Angels. It’s a gritty, future-noir, action-packed thriller, with plenty of Quellism too.

Rewired: The Post-Cyberpunk Anthology edited by James Patrick Kelly & John Kessel [4/5]

An excellent group of stories that attempts to capture some of the ideals of cyberpunk without wallowing in the same old mirror-shade cliches. The standouts for me were the stories by Sterling, Lethem, Bacigalupi and Doctrow, with bonus points for the interesting introduction (“Hacking Cyberpunk) and the Sterling-Kessel correspondence. Recommended.

The Alchemy of Stone by Ekaterina Sedia [4.5/5]

This is an extraordinary story about what makes a person a person, and whether a [sort of] steampunk robot can ever aspire to be human. It’s all conveyed with Sedia’s exquisite prose, and the result is a truly wonderful book. Highly recommended!

As-yet-unpublished manuscripts read:

  • Glamour in Glass by Mary Robinette Kowal (draft)
  • Unnamed projects (7 partials, 1 full, 3 short stories)

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