Books for May and June 2009

Liberation: Being the Adventures of the Slick Six After the Collapse of the United States of America by Brian Francis Slattery [4.5/5]

A truly amazing book. There’s just something about the rhythm of Slattery’s prose and the images he draws that completely works for me. Highly recommended.

The Bone Key by Sarah Monette [4/5]

A great collection of stories about one Kyle Murchison Booth, with wonderful flavor and hints of both M.R. James and Lovecraft. My favorites from among them included “The Venbretti Necklace,” “Elegy for a Demon Lover” and “Wall of Clouds.”

The River Knows Its Own by Jay Lake [4/5]

Jay’s strong collection of stories about the Northwest. Standouts for me included “Heading West,” “Eye Teeth,” “Eggs for Dinner,” “The River Knows Its Own,” and “Changing the Game.”

The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman [4.5/5]

There’s a reason that this book won awards and is still on one of the NYT bestseller lists. It’s charming and it’s dark and it’s very Neil. I wish it had gone deeper and just been more, but it was, after all, intended for younger readers.

The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova [2/5]

I really didn’t like this book at all. The prose was fine, but it wasn’t wonderful enough to get me through what seemed to mostly be travelogues and document research. I thought the novel was almost completely lacking in tension, and when the dreaded Count finally made an appearance, it felt entirely anticlimactic. For me, this was just 650+ pages of trudging to get to the end.

Under My Roof by Nick Mamatas [4/5]

This book is a clever and fun satire, and the fact that it’s novella length means it’s over before the whole thing can get stale.

As-yet-unpublished manuscripts read:

  • Unnamed projects (1 full, 9 partials and a short story or two)

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