Lúnasa at The Iron Horse

After having seen Altan there just last week, Jenn and I travelled up to The Iron Horse Music Hall in Northampton, MA again last night, this time to catch a performance by the always amazing Lúnasa. You’d almost think that St. Patrick’s Day was coming up soon!

We were joined for the show by our friend Sarah (aka Elizabeth Bear) and her friend Kate, so we had enough people to get the center table right up against the stage. That meant being close enough for both getting sound directly from the instruments (Kevin Crawford’s Grinters certainly sounded grand) and overhearing the bits of banter that weren’t said into the microphones. Much like the last time we’d see Lúnasa at the Iron Horse, which I think may have also been the last time we saw them perform, it was an excellent concert, with lots of great tunes and an almost ridiculous amount of wit. As always, I’ll be looking forward to their next club (as opposed to theater) tour around these parts.

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