Vienna Teng in Larchmont, NY

Vienna Teng at Watercolor Cafe (1 of 4)

Last Wednesday, Jenn and I made the long drive down to the Watercolor Cafe in Larchmont, NY to see Vienna Teng perform. It had been a few months since we’d last had the chance to see Vienna play, so I was looking forward to having the chance to see another of her concerts in such a small and intimate venue. We’d seen her play at the Watercolor Cafe once before (last October), but I apparently never quite got around to posting about it here.

We had an early dinner reservation, which meant that we ended up with a table right next to Vienna’s piano. There was a some small price to pay for this good fortune though, as, while the Watercolor Cafe may be an excellent venue for music (this time around there was even a really nice upright piano), the food leaves something to be desired and isn’t exactly inexpensive. Of course, I’m somewhat of a food snob, so your mileage may vary.

Before we ordered our dinner, Vienna came over to say hi and hung out for a bit. Despite having not had her week start off especially well (her laptop and camera staged a successful escape, apparently with assistance from the outside), she was in quite a fine mood, which was good to see.

As for the performance itself, Vienna played two long solo sets that were mostly made up of requests from the audience, as she hadn’t showed up with a pre-planned set list. I guess it was no surprise that this included a few songs from Waking Hour (including “The Tower,” “Unwritten Letter #1,” “Eric’s Song,” and “Lullabye For a Stormy Night”), a few more from Warm Strangers (“Hope on Fire,” “My Medea” (my request), and “Green Island Serenade”), and then some from Dreaming Through the Noise (including “Whatever You Want,” “1br/1ba,” “City Hall,” “Ponchartrain,” and “Recessional”). She also did a cover of Sting’s “Fields of Gold,” which was quite lovely. Vienna’s voice sounded great throughout, and it was another one of her extraordinary shows. I think my brain may have finally come around to accepting just how talented she is.

Afterwards we got to talk with her more before she headed back to Brooklyn and we got on the road back to Connecticut, so that was cool. I’ll be looking forward to seeing her again next month when she returns to the Iron Horse Cafe in Northampton, MA, and then maybe again the day after when she plays a show in Westport, CT. And maybe someday we’ll even make good on the idea of meeting up with her at some show in NYC that she isn’t performing at!

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  1. Jennifer Says:

    I asked for “Boy at the Piano” and was told that it was apparently my responsibility to ask for the “hardest songs” (since I’ve previously been known for requesting “Signal Fire”). Bad me. Still, it was a great concert and she played nearly everything I wanted to hear. It was great to see her.

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