Merrie Amsterburg at Homegrown Coffeehouse (Needham, MA)

Way back on February 3rd, Jenn and I made the drive up to the Homegrown Coffeehouse (which is held at the First Parish Universalist Church in Needham, MA) to see Merrie Amsterburg.

And now I’m finally posting about it.

It had been a few years since I’d last seen Merrie perform, between her not playing out all that often and what seemed to be a tendency for her to end up on bills with people I didn’t particularly want to see. Of course, now that I’ve been reminded of just how talented she is, I’ll be making an effort not to let so much time elapse before I see her play again.

Merrie was joined by Peter Linton (on guitar and vocals), as she has been every time I’ve seen her, and Steve Scully on percussion (and vocals too). It was a great show, with two long sets that were filled with songs that I knew from her first two albums, Season of Rain and Little Steps, as well as some of the traditional folk songs she’d recorded for Clementine and Other Stories. Her take on songs like “Lakes of Pontchartrain” and “Streets of Laredo” was both very good and very interesting (though I’ll confess that I thought her version of “Black is the Color of My True Love’s Hair” didn’t measure up to the brilliant version that Susan McKeown does), and it was really nice to hear so many of her older songs too.

It was an excellent evening of music, so I was very glad we made the trip up to Massachusetts on a cold winter night to see the show. When we talked to Merrie afterwards she seemed to be amazed that we’d driven all the way from Connecticut to see her, despite my explaining that it hadn’t seemed like very far at all to me. She’d also apparently remembered me when she saw me in the audience (yes, I was sitting at the front), and she asked after woj, Meredith, and Jeff. I guess it’s hard to forget smoe. Maybe one of you should be inviting her to play a house concert sometime soon….

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  1. jeff Says:

    Merrie’s got an amazing memory. I wish you’d told me you were coming up….I totally forgot about the show…

    I’ve asked about her doing a houseconcert, but either her or Peter (forget which one) is very allergic to cats, so no luck….


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