Dresden Dolls at The Paradise in Boston

Since I’ve been rather lame lately about actually posting reviews of the concerts I’ve been to, I thought I’d get this one done in a timely manner (while I can still remember most of the details).

On Friday night, Jenn and I went to see the always amazing Dresden Dolls at The Paradise in Boston.

When we got off the train in front of the venue, we ran into our friends woj, Meredith and Jeff. In woj and Meredith’s case, I hadn’t been expecting to see them there, though, in retrospect, I probably should have. They’d all already had dinner, so, after some time spent standing around talking, woj and Meredith headed off to find a bar in which to watch the Red Sox game (and miss the opening acts at The Paradise), Jeff went inside the club, and Jenn and I went to have dinner at a Korean restaurant a few doors down. You can read Jenn’s detailed review of our dining experience here, but the short of it is that the food was really good, and we plan to go there again if we’re in the area.

After dinner we ran into other friends, and discovered that it is indeed a very small world, as different circles of friends intersected in some strange ways. After a while everyone went inside, where we got to see the last two-thirds of the set by Reverend Glasseye and his Wooden Legs. My short description of them would be Squirrel Nut Zippers with a strong Russian flavor.

Then it was time for the main event. I was expecting the Dresden Dolls to put on a great show, in part because it was on their home turf, and they definitely delivered. Here’s the set list, as posted to TheShadowBox.net (now the official Dresden Dolls forum), with added commentary:

1. Those were the days (All in the Family theme)

This was great, with Amanda singing Archie’s parts, and Brian, wearing a red feather boa, doing Edith’s parts in an amazingly good imitation of her screech.

2. Girl Anachronism
3. Missed Me
(With Black Cat Burlesque)

The puppetheads and girls were pretty cool, but I’m glad they didn’t end up being around for every song, as I’d come to see Amanda and Brian, not them.

4. Backstabber

This is probably my very favorite Dresden Dolls song right now.

5. Pierre

Hilarious, as always!

6. Happy Birthday to some guy named Dave and Thanking the bands
7. War Pigs
(cover of the Black Sabbath song)

Wow. Amanda does a great job of handing the vocals, and her piano playing does pretty well at filling in for Tony Iommi’s guitar, but it’s Brian’s drumming that makes their cover of this song so incredibly great. He’s just stunningly good.

8. Colorblind
9. Bad Habit
10. Shores of California
(New Song)

An excellent addition to the Dresden Dolls’ reptoire.

11. Glass Slipper
12. Coin-Operated Boy
13. Half-Jack

Encore break 1

14. Boston
15. Sex Changes

Encore Break 2

16. Truce

Encore Break 3

17. Two Headed Boy (cover of the Neutral Milk Hotel song)

It was great to get all of those encores, though before they launched into the last song Amanda told everyone that after this one they’d all have to go home. Heh. The only downside of them playing for nearly two hours was that the show didn’t end until almost 1am, which meant we’d missed the last T train back to Alewife (where my car was parked). Fortunately, woj and Meredith went out of their way to give us a ride out there, so we were able to make it back home to Connecticut by around 4am.

Oh, and my friend Jeff, who was also the official DD photographer for the event, has put up a lot of great photos here.

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