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Catching up on book reviews

by Michael on Monday, March 15th, 2004

Quicksilver (The Baroque Cycle, Vol. 1) by Neal Stephenson [5/5] If you read Cryptonomicon and thought it was good or great (like I did), then you may well like Quicksilver too, as it’s written in much the same style. As Jennifer said in her review, the novel follows three characters through 1600′s Europe, where they’re […]

First listen: Susan McKeown – Sweet Liberty

by Michael on Wednesday, March 10th, 2004

I was fortunate enough to get a copy of Susan McKeown‘s new traditional album, Sweet Liberty, in the mail yesterday, despite the fact that the official release date isn’t until April 13th. Thanks, Susan! After a couple of listens, I must say that I absolutely love this CD. Sweet Liberty is one of her albums […]