As part of the Designing Dresden series of posts over on the official Dresden RPG site, Rob talks about why they chose the Fate system as the base for the game.

We want to make sure that when the group consists of the fae halfblood daughter of Jenny Greenteeth, the lover of a Muse, a Kung Fu wizard, the Autumn Knight and a pizza delivery guy, that everyone gets to be awesome.

So to do that, were going with Fate. It’s not the only game that this is possible in, but for our purposes, it’s the best match.

Sounds promising, doesn’t it? I’m definitely looking forward to seeing this one when it’s ready to go, especially given how well the boys at Evil Hat have done with games like Spirit of the Century.

And did I ever mention that I played a small part in getting Dresden and Evil Hat together (for the game I mean, since Jim and Fred already knew each other)……?