As has often been the case with game theory, it’s Vincent who makes me finally feel like I get it.

I suggest, finally, that push/pull is a big deal. It’s a true development – nobody should read me as saying “we already thought of this, let’s be comfortable.” A week ago, if you’d asked me whether we can and should examine Drama resolution in at-the-End vs. in-the-Middle terms, I’d’ve shrugged: “we can, but should we? Neh. Why bother? It’ll just be basically the same as Fortune.” I’ve said such things on the Forge. I was DEAD WRONG.

In fact, push/pull has given me, understood this way, whole new insights into my group’s long-term Ars Magica freeform game. Expect a comprehensive post here about that game’s breakdown. When I find the time.

It’s basically what Vincent came up with in reponse to Brand’s recent post, taken further (and with examples). Excellent.

Of course, in comments people argue that Vincent really hasn’t pinned push/pull down at all, so I may still not understand.