I just read through the new annotated version of kill puppies for satan. Yes, this is the same game that Vincent publicly disavowed, and yes, I said annotated, not revised. Vincent just shoved some more text in there, put the main rulebook and cockroach souffle together in the same pdf, and added a few pieces of actual art. Included in the new text is a shiny new resolution system that he completely stole from Sorcerer (which he freely admits) and then dumbed down, and which may or may not be broken, since he didn’t actually playtest it or anything

If you already bought kpfs from Vincent you should have gotten an
email about the annotated version. If you didn’t buy it yet….well, buy Dogs in the Vineyard first, and then if you’ve got some cash left (and a black sense of humor), buy kpfs too. You can even get a package deal if you buy them at the same time.