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October 24, 2005: 8:27 pm: GMing, Playing

FindPlay is a new service set up by Clinton R. Nixon (co-owner of The Forge and talented game designer) that let’s you locate other role-players in your area who share your interests. Currently it’s got a few limitations (like not working for places Google Maps doesn’t cover), but hopefully Clinton will get those worked out eventually. For now, just go and sign up. I did, though of course I didn’t find any other RPers in my area.

October 7, 2005: 9:18 pm: Game systems

The October 6th edition of Ken Hites’ Out of the Box has him looking at indie games from this year’s GenCon, including The Mountain Witch, Polaris, The Farm and Breaking the Ice.

October 1, 2005: 8:42 pm: Miscellaneous

Take a tour guided by….a game designer?

Abandoned Military Base Getaway Weekend
Tour Guide: John Tynes
Location: Seattle area

Join veteran author and game designer John Tynes for a weekend excursion to the quaint Victorian seaside village of Port Townsend on Washington State’s Olympic Peninsula, three hours’ drive from Seattle.

You and five other brave souls will join John for an eerie tour of Fort Worden State Park, a naval defense complex built before World War I and derelict since the 1950s. You’ll be hiking, climbing, crawling, and exploring dark, decaying spaces by flashlight in this intensely weird, crumbling ruin half-covered by wild growth like the remnants of a forgotten empire. What strange government experiments happened in these burned-out bunkers and graffiti-strewn command posts?

Those who retain their sanity will retire to the grounds of Manresa Castle, built in 1892 as a rich man’s mansion, then a Jesuit college for ascetic theology, and now a 1920s retro hotel rumored to be haunted. After an elegant dinner, John will guide you in an original tabletop roleplaying adventure of modern horror, to reveal the occult mysteries and government secrets lurking all around you.

Your accommodations at the Castle will be eminently luxurious, but the Otherworld Travel Agency cannot offer a refund if, after the game, you are too terrified to sleep.

During his twelve years as a tabletop game designer, John Tynes earned a reputation for pushing the boundaries of modern horror. He is best known for his work as an author (Delta Green: The Rules of Engagement), game designer (Delta Green, Puppetland, Unknown Armies, The Hills Rise Wild!), and editor (The Unspeakable Oath).

There’s also a tour listed with Ken Hite!

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