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August 28, 2005: 2:09 pm: Game systems

Yesterday a friend of mine brought along some of his RPG purchases from GenCon so I could have a look at them (thanks, Jack!), and in addition to convincing me that I really want a copy of Polaris (and also really want the copy of The Mountain Witch that I ordered last week to show up), it made me decide to get a copy of the new version of Dogs in the Vineyard. There may not be a whole lot of rules changes, but the layout is much improved, and since Vincent is going to offer an upgrade deal, I think it’ll be well worth the money.

: 2:02 pm: Game theory (or close enough), GMing, Playing

Over on The Forge, there’s a great Actual Play thread about a Dogs in the Vineyard session that took place at GenCon. The actions of one of the characters apparently crossed a line for one of the players, and the discussion gradually develops into talking about how to deal with such situations.

August 24, 2005: 9:41 pm: Game systems

While I didn’t go to GenCon (choosing instead to spend a wonderful long weekend by a lake in the Adirondacks), I’m still looking forward to checking out some of the many new games that debuted there this year.

To that end, today I placed an order with IPR for The Mountain Witch (which I’m really looking forward to reading) and the revised edition of Luke Crane’s Burning Wheel.

Other games I’m likely to buy over the next few months include:

The Shadow of Yesterday (revised edition)
With Great Power… (full edition)

August 1, 2005: 9:57 pm: Game systems

Seen at The Forge:

We’re using Primetime Adventures filtered through Amber Diceless Roleplaying, because I’m totally fucking insane.

Edit: There’s a followup thread here.