From Timfire Publishing:

(5/10/05) Well, the 9th has come and gone. Producing a book is hard work! Things have been moving a little slow as I’m still working on my undergrad and got up in all that end of the year stuff. But that’s OK, this is going to be a great book, and I definitely want things done right.

Right now I still need to put the finishing touches on the text, and then the book will need to go through layout. I’m pushing real hard to finish the book within the next two weeks. In the next day or two I’ll post a mock-up of the first chapter, so everyone can have a preview of what I’ve been working on!

Since I’m not running my Mountain Witch game until the end of June, I’m still hoping the PDF of the final version will be out in time for me to use it, but, if not, I think I can still pull it off using the playtest rules. If the delays result in a better final product, I’m all for ’em.