My prep for this year’s Ambercon is nearly done, which is good, since Jenn and I are starting the first leg of the drive to Livonia early on Wednesday morning.

Le Cygne: The Oracle’s Light

No preparation needed, as I’ll be choosing a pregenerated character at the con. The last time I played in this series, my character, Peet, was wounded in battle and then killed by the ship’s doctor, who was (in theory) trying to treat him. Oops.

Nine Lives in Amber

My character is approved, my character sheet is filled in, and my copy of Cat is printed out and given a quick read. I’m all set for this one.

Nine Losers in Amber (GM)

Pregenerated characters were sent out to the players back on Friday evening, and all of my scenario materials are now printed up. I may add a few more things to entertain the players, but, since I’ve already run this once, I think I’m ready.

Ill Met in Amber

As always, I intended to write some things up between sessions, and, again as always, I never quite got around to it. In any case, I found the character sheet and notes, so I’m as ready as I’m going to be. Oh, and a fine single-malt has been purchased.

The Mysterious Affair (GM)

Jenn and I wrapped up the last details of the scenario this evening, and the characters have been sent out to the players. We’re planning on a lot of player (and character) freedom here, so I really have no idea how this will end up turning out. Hopefully everyone will have fun though.


My character is almost, but not quite, approved, as the GMs had a couple of questions that I hope I’ve managed to address to their satisfaction. I printed up a modified version of the character anyway, and if I need to change it before I leave, I will.

Blaze of Glory: The Shadows Attack

Waiting to hear back from the GM about whether or not Amir’s wives will be joining him, but otherwise The Mad Arab is ready to go.