Let’s see, what RPG stuff have I got going….

I’m working on the scenario that Jenn and I are planning on running at ACUS in a few weeks (think Victorian-era police procedural), plus tweaking the re-run of Nine Losers in Akron.

I’m trying to give a close read to Clinton R. Nixon’s The Shadow of Yesterday, which seemed pretty darned cool at first skim.

I’m glancing now and then at my recently arrived copy of Ron Edwards’ The Sorcerer’s Soul, though I’m trying to hold off on really getting into it ’til I’ve finished reading TSOY.

I’m hoping to soon (though maybe not ’til after ACUS) make a big push on getting the one-player Buffy the Vampire Slayer game I’ve been talking about for a while now to a point where I can actually start it. I’ve been tempted to run it with a system other than BtVS, but it’s a temptation I may well resist. We’ll see.

I need to remember to work on scenario ideas for TBR too.

I’m still playing in one system-less PBEM and a monthly D&D 3.5 game, and still wanting to get into more games (hopefully ftf and cool system) in the future.

Oh, and I should really post here more often….