This may be one of the coolest game design stories ever:

But here’s what’s happening now. Last fall sometime Sebastian, my 8 year old, told me about a comic he was planning to make. He didn’t tell me the story, he told me about the story: it’s two parallel stories, he said, one about a squad of space marines fighting a war, the other about their friends and families back home. The space marines are going to fight life and death battles, he said, while the people at home are going to have problems and struggles of their own. He told me a little about the marines’ power armor and landing crafts. I was there nodding right along and going “kid, you’re 8 – how can you be talking to me about parallel stories about marines and their loved ones back home? How do you know this crap? Where do you get these insights?” Anyway and he was like, “want to hear the title? Red Sky A.M.”

This blew me away. Red Sky A.M., like it were no thing, like it weren’t the best title in the history of space marines. Red Sky A. fuckin’ M.

So that’s been stewing in my brain. Then a couple of weekends ago Ben was visiting and I was bemoaning (again) the fact that Sebastian thought of it not me. I can’t bring myself to steal my kid’s genius idea and title! I was saying how I’d design it a game for grownups, not for kids, it would be a game about no shit war (and again, how did Sebastian nail it so perfectly?).

Meg was like, “you know what you could do? You could design and publish, credit him for the idea and the title, and put the proceeds into his college fund.”

That was the spark. Red Sky A.M. is the new project.

I’ll definitely be looking forward to this one.