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January 30, 2005: 9:58 pm: Game systems

In case you hadn’t heard, Ken Hite has awarded Dogs in the Vineyard the Best New Game of 2004 Outie.

: 9:22 pm: Game systems

Last year my friend Lou was kind enough to pick me up copies of Matt Snyder’s Dust Devils and the newly released Nine Worlds at Gencon.

I read Dust Devils through not long after and was pretty darned impressed with it, which wasn’t all that big a surprise, considering all of the good things I’d read about it.

Then I went to tackle Nine Worlds and….well, it kind of stumped me. The text was rather dense, it was definitely in need of a good copyedit (probably because Matt rushed to get it finished in time for Gencon), and it just didn’t click for me. I was disappointed, because I could tell that there was something there worth understanding, and I just wasn’t getting it.

Well, there’s a thread called [Nine Worlds] Pop-Greek sci-fantasy, plus murder and sex over at The Forge where Ron “Sorcerer” Edwards talks about Nine Worlds, and now I think I’ve definitely got a better understanding of what’s going on in the game. Actually, I’m thinking that with a few minor tweaks it might make an interesting system for running an Amber campaign, though that would mean tossing out all of Matt’s excellent world building.