So, Clinton R. Nixon, one of the head guys at The Forge and designer of fine games like The Shadow of Yesterday, Paladin, and Donjon, started this thread by posting Clinton’s Fourth Axiom of Game Design:

Any good RPG can, with a minimum of effort, be used to play Jedi.

A little ways into the thread he was challenged to play Jedi using Kill Puppies for Satan. His response?

Kill Rebels for Palpatine

You’re a Dark Jedi, one of hundreds turned out by the Sith Academy in the rising days of the Empire. Almost every one of you has minimal power, but that’s the way evil empires work: churn out a hundred expendables instead of one good soldier. Because you’re not powerful enough to actually use, you get a mid-level Empire job. Maybe you’re a Stormtrooper, or maybe an overseer of a colonized village. Either way, it blows, and being you ain’t so great either, so you use the little power you have to lord it over everyone around you.